Work Zone: Full Matrix SMC-2000

Work Zone: Full Matrix SMC-2000

[Image Description: An illustration of a digital sign with a silhouette of a man next to it.]


The SMC-2000 has become the industry benchmark for quality and performance in L.E.D. solar powered products.

The Full Matrix SMC-2000 is a portable, changeable L.E.D. message sign with optical assemblies in a continuous and fully configurable "Full Matrix," format. The Full Matrix format allows you to display text messages using characters up to 38" in height and even larger graphic symbols. The SMC-2000 is powered by batteries that are recharged by solar panels to provide long-lasting service on the roadway without producing harmful emissions.

Standard Features:

  • Industrial grade trailer provides years of dependable service.
  • Sighting device assures proper directional alignment.
  • Built-in 25 amp/120 volt battery charger.
  • 360° message panel rotation.
  • Calendar program for specific operational times.
  • Moving and flashing arrow displays.
  • Heavy duty surge brakes.
  • Automatic intensity control.

Optional Equipment:

  • Remote programming capability.
  • Radar (microwave) speed monitoring.
  • Custom colors.
  • ITS compatibility.