A-Frame Delineator

A-Frame Delineator

[Image Description: A Guardrail Delineator mounted on a wooden guardrail beam.]

HSS Product #250-4

The concrete barrier reflector was designed to increase the visibility of both temporary and permanent concrete barriers. It is constructed of PVC with an added cold weather compound and a 10-year UV stabilizer. This product is extremely durable and has an extra-long life expectancy. It can withstand the impact of snow and ice thrown from snowplows. We designed a product that had the durability to remain intact through harsh winters in colder climates.

The reflector has 10 square inches of 3M, DOT approved Diamond Grade reflective tape per side. It can be ordered with tape on either one side or on both sides. The product is easily glued to the concrete surfaces using liquid nails or a comparable product.

Special Features:

  • Offers increased visibility of either temporary or permanent barriers.
  • Reflectance area of 10 square inches.
  • Standard sheeting is Type IV unless specified differently.
  • Available with tape either on one or both sides of delineator.
  • Extremely durable PVC construction with excellent impact resistance characteristics.
  • Added cold weather compound.
  • UV stabilizer added.
  • Installation completed in a matter of seconds.
  • This material has been tested against ASTM D792, D2240, D638, D790, D256, D696, D648, D1784, D4218 and D4226.