Flex-O-Matic Delineator

Flex-O-Matic Delineator

[Image Description: A Flex-O-Matic Delineator mounted on top of a concrete barrier dividing two lanes of traffic.]

HSS Product #300-1

The Flex-O-Matic delineator has an Estane flexible hinge that allows the reflector to flex from side to side upon impact. The unit will spring back to the upright position if struck by an object. The Estane hinge allows the marker to rebound indefinitely. This ensures the delineator will stay in position even after an object strike. This eliminates the need to continually replace delineators especially incold climates where snow and ice from snow plows can easily damage them.

The Flex-O-Matic “X” flex hinge creates a mechanical bond between the hinge and the base of the delineator. The Estane “X” hinge remains flexible even in cold conditions. The result is a long lasting, impact resistant delineator.

Special Features:

The delineator is manufactured using indestructible PVC which has a cold weather additive along with a 10 year UV stabilizer

  • Built with the flexible Estane “X” hinge to provide years of longevity.
  • Base of unit is pre-drilled and is scalloped to increase adhesion to the concrete.
  • Holes in the base can also be used to ramset the delineator to the concrete.
  • Available in 2 standard sizes (longer versions manufactured for both delineators).
  • Sheeting is applied per state specifications (Type IV standard unless specified otherwise).
  • Both versions have 12 square inches of reflective material.
  • Sheeting on one or both sides.
  • Inventory is kept in stock for quick deliveries.
  • Product is manufactured in the USA.