Guardrail Delineators

Guardrail Delineator

HSS Product #250-5 (W) Wood Blocking installation

HSS Product #250-05 (I) I-Beam installation

The HSS Guardrail delineators were purposely designed to:

  • Increase visibility guardrail systems.
  • Increase durability of the actual delineator.
  • Reduce time of installation.
  • Reduce cost over other guardrail offerings.
[Image Description: A Guardrail Delineator mounted on a steel guardrail I-Beam.] [Image Description: A Guardrail Delineator mounted on a wooden guardrail beam.]

Special Features:

  • 16 square inches of reflective sheeting.
  • Standard sheeting is 3M High Intensity Prismatic – Any manufacture, color or grade of sheeting can be applied.
  • Extremely durable PVC material with excellent impact resistance characteristics (material is flexible and will not dislodge when hit with snow that is thrown from plows in northern climates).
  • Wood blocking version comes with two holes and is quickly installed using two roofing nails.
  • I-Beam version has flange that slides over web of I-Beam.
  • Added cold weather additive to prevent delineator from becoming brittle in northern climates.
  • 10 Year UV stabilizer added.
  • The PVC formulation for this product has been tested against ASTM D792, D2240, D638, D790, D256, D696, D648, D1784, D4218 and D4226.
  • Cost Savings - Inexpensive compared to other delineators on the market HSS maintains inventory ready for immediate shipping. Give us a call to answer questions or get a quote.